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Hair Comb - Handmade in England

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  • CRAFTED TO PERFECTION: Sawcut, hand-polished and hand-buffed with rounded teeth for comfortable grooming. Made entirely of cellulose acetate, a unique, non-petroleum-based polymer which will stimulate your hair cuticle’s natural oils for an improved haircare routine.
  • BENEFITS: Promotes stronger, shinier, healthier hair that resists static cling. Helps pull excess moisture from your hair for a truly flawless and well-groomed appearance. Nourishes from root to tip with gentle, massaging action.
  • A COMB FOR LIFE: Ditch the plastic comb! This one's durable and waterproof and great for combing thick, frizzy or wet hair. Features an integrative design with both coarse and thin teeth designs.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: An excellent choice for all beard and facial hair. Also great for most hair lengths, thicknesses and styles, from crew cuts and comb-overs, to fades and flat tops. Can be used as hair pocket comb when you're on the go.
  • MADE IN ENGLAND: Each Seven Potion's luxury comb is manufactured entirely in England with the highest quality and strict safety standards.

Publisher: Seven Potions

Details: Upgrade your grooming game today with the Seven Potions Hair Comb. This luxury men's hair comb is made exclusively in England, with entirely sustainable materials sourced from suppliers with a commitment to a better and greener future. A true essential for your grooming kit or even your pocket, a good comb can improve and elevate your skincare and haircare routine. These premium hair combs are all saw-cut, hand-polished and hand-buffed to create a uniquely smooth, comfortable, and non-damaging combing action. The comb's premium construction actively stimulates your hair cuticle's natural oils and promotes stronger, shinier, happier hair. Why use a standard hairbrush or comb when you could use a product your scalp will actually enjoy? The sub-standard, cheap, factory-pressed, injection-moulded combs-often made of the cheapest plastic available-have overly sharpened teeth with tiny, irregular ridges that actually damage your hair's cuticles and also cause unsightly split ends. Not to mention the itchy, irritating effects that these cheap combs cause with their unpleasant scraping action against the sensitive skin of your scalp. The Seven Potion's comb teeth are rounded and hand-buffed for a much smoother, non-damaging combing action. Seven Potions will never compromise quality and performance to offer an inferior product and this is why you should expect no less than men's grooming excellence. Seven Potions is made for men and offers a range of washes, shampoos and conditioners, waxes, butters, grooming creams and softeners, and visionary shaving accessories. Seven Potions products also make deal gifts for the discerning man. Beware of counterfeits. This is a unique product only sold under the Seven Potions name, we guarantee 100% satisfaction along with hair that is nothing short of amazing.

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.9 x 0.2 inches