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Learn Calligraphy: Guide and WorkBook (pens not included)

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Author: Sanders, Sally

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 120

Publisher: Rockridge Press

Release Date: 20-08-2019

Details: Product description Calligraphy for kids and tweens aged 9 to 14--step by creative step. Learn to dazzle friends and family with beautiful writing, thanks to this contemporary guide to calligraphy. Modern Calligraphy for Kids makes it fun for kids and tweens ages 9 to 14 to learn the basic techniques--and develop the creativity and control that come with them. The step-by-step instructions are easy for beginners to follow. You'll even find built-in practice pages--plus a link to print more anytime. Get started with lists of materials you'll need and show off your skills with extra projects like making your own party invitations. Jump into the joy of creating fancy, colorful lettering for everything from school assignments to thank you cards and your own artwork. Modern Calligraphy for Kids offers: A brain engaged--Discover the challenge and satisfying sensation of writing on crisp paper with brush pens. Lucky number three--Learn three kinds of letters (serif, sans serif, and script), and three types of calligraphy (pointed brush, monoline, and classic). Real-time progress--The built-in workspaces let you look back and see how much you've improved. Find all the tools for kids and tweens to teach themselves the art of calligraphy--no screens required. Review "Sally Sanders simplifies the basic form of lettering styles and demystifies the art of calligraphy through simple, colorful, step-by-step instructions from introducing each style to applying them to a finished project. This book is great for kids and it is an excellent start-up for adults, too!"--Angela Vangalis, founder of Texas Lettering Arts Council and co-editor/designer of the 24th Edition of the Speedball Textbook "Having begun my own calligraphy career using messy inks and difficult metal pens that took a long time to master, Sally Sanders' approach puts more familiar tools in the hands of children and guides them through easy-to-learn ways to take their handwriting to an expressive level. With many school systems eliminating art and handwriting programs in favor of computers, Modern Calligraphy for Kids will bring the joy and beauty of making things by hand back into a child's life. Beginning with thorough supply lists that describe in detail the kinds of tools available, Sally demonstrates a variety of lettering styles in this book, keeping them fun while showing how to take it to an elegant and expressive craft."--Annie Cicale, instructor and author of The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering "A book to encourage and stimulate interest in modern calligraphy for children of all ages. The pages are set out clearly in a gentle sequence covering the history of writing and the practical steps to achieve a contemporary calligraphic hand. Well written and so beautifully illustrated throughout, this book will be a constant companion and guide for those interested in our alphabetical heritage."--Peter Thornton, instructor and freelance calligrapher "What a great resource for students and art teachers alike! Professional calligrapher Sally Sanders makes the process accessible and enjoyable while maintaining the quality and character of the art form. I really appreciate the specific recommendations of markers and papers that make the process accessible for beginners."--Alan Doe, art teacher at Western Reserve Academy

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Languages: English